Multilingual Chats with Microsoft Translator

Greg DaSilva
PD Specialist
News on March 26 2021

Microsoft-Translator-illustration of computer

Microsoft Translator is a great resource for educators and parents, thanks to its versatility and usefulness in translating text. One component of Microsoft Translator is the real-time translation of conversations, where speakers of all different languages can easily communicate together, either by typing or speaking.

Let’s take a look at how we can set up a conversation and how it can be accessed by participants.

Setting up a conversation

First, go to and log in using your Microsoft account. Next you will have to enter your name and select your language. Once you do this click on the option to enter the chat. To have others join the chat, share the URL or QR code with them. Now your chat is set up for your participants!


If you click the gear icon in the upper right, there are additional settings that you can control. This is also where you can choose to save your chat transcript.


Joining a conversation

To join a chat as a participant, either enter in the URL that was shared with you, scan the QR code, or go to and enter in the conversation code. Now type in your name and select your language. To communicate during the chat, either type in what you want to say, press the keyboard and speak, or press the microphone icon. Participants can communicate in their own language and it will be translated automatically for all other participants into their preferred language.


The next time you need to communicate with speakers of another language, consider using this Microsoft Translator conversation feature! This great tool is also available in the Microsoft Translator app, available on both Android and iOS.

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