New Features in SMART amp

News on September 19 2014

SMART amp has just released two new, exciting features, object attributing and the ability to embed YouTube videos. Particularly exciting is the object attributing where you can now identify who has collaborated in a shared SMART amp workspace. This is a key feature much requested and asked about by Teq PD participants. View the short videos below for a detailed how-to on using object attributing and embedding YouTube videos.

The direct embedding of YouTube videos is helpful in simplifying the lesson by keeping all content contained within one workspace. There is no need to switch to a new site to view the video. It also eliminates the many distractions, like advertisements, that students would see if they were redirected to watch the video on the YouTube website.

I was most excited about the Object Attributing feature as it addresses individual accountability on a shared workspace. This feature allows whole class or group collaboration while still being able to identify each student’s contributions. Now, when a student writes on a shared workspace, their work is contained within a box with their initials. This information is saved and can be particularly helpful in assessment of group work.

Best of luck in incorporating these into your SMART amp workspaces and if you have any questions please contact our PD team at