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Think back to the classrooms where you spent your schooling. Were you seated in desk rows or were you situated at a round table with your classmates? Did the chairs have tennis balls on the bottoms of the legs to help cut down on the scraping noises of adjusting seats? And how much time, if any, did you spend sitting cross-legged on a thin carpet while your teacher read you a story?

Now think, how did those different classroom setups impact how you felt about the class? The content? The teacher? The learning experience as a whole?

As our understanding of classroom technology has improved, so has our understanding of the need to outfit our classrooms in a way that better supports student learning.

Over the years, our team has helped hundreds of educators address these concerns as they build new learning spaces for students. To do so, they encouraged educators to focus on a few key points.

Supporting Learning Outcomes

When outfitting today’s classrooms, it’s important to ensure that the furniture is not an afterthought, and instead, a tool that supports the daily goals of our educators. Considerations should include the following:

Outfitting Spaces at NYSCATE 2018 

We’re bringing some of our favorite classroom solutions, and the information we learned from those experiences, to this year’s NYSCATE 2018 Conference.

Stop by our booth (#407 and #409) to experience these MooreCo Furniture solutions for yourself!


Want to schedule time with our team at NYSCATE 2018? Email us at Events@teq.com.
Teq at NYSCATE 2018: Stop by booth 407 and 409 to learn about new ways to support and integrate your STEM initiatives. We’ll be showcasing the robotics, coding, and maker solutions that bring learning to life – and talking about how to build your teacher toolkit with Online Professional Development: the best technology-centric eLearning platform out there.
Find out more about the conference from NYSCATE.

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