Using Originality Reports and Rubrics in Google Classroom

Greg DaSilva
PD Specialist
News on March 23 2020

Originality reports and rubrics are two new features that are now be available to all users of G-Suite for Education!

That means you can now take full advantage of these tools while evaluating the assignments you push out to your students in Google Classroom. Let’s take a closer look at what these tools are and how we can use them.

Originality reports

Originality reports will help you to determine the authenticity of work that a student turns in. Sometimes our students forget to cite resources or seek to gain an advantage by presenting someone else’s hard work as their own. This tool will compare their work to billions of documents on the internet and make a determination as to whether the text was improperly used in an assignment, paper or project. This artificial intelligence (AI) will also help to determine if a student is paraphrasing without providing correct citations. Additionally, students will be able to use this feature to check their own work before they turn it in, in the event that they forgot to quote or cite some text.


With built-in rubrics in Google Classroom, assessing student work has never been easier and more transparent. Educators can make their own rubric and reuse them across classes to grade assignments. To add a rubric, click the button. With a rubric in Google Classroom, the teacher can have it open and grade a student’s work by entering a student’s score into the rubric tool from the assignment page or from the student’s page.

According to the release notes for these features, these new tools “are only available in English and for Google Docs at the moment.” However, stay tuned as Google is always expanding its existing features and adding new tools.

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