Pinterest… An Educational Resource?

Post in News by RobertAbraham on 2nd April 2019


In case you’re new to Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media platform which people use to search, save, and learn different things through visuals and images. It can be anything from designs in fashions, wedding decor, events, architecture and furniture, recipes, to tips for good health. However, Pinterest can also be a valuable educational resource in the classroom.

Pinterest for educators

Teachers and students are vastly benefiting from Pinterest. It can be both a reference and a resource. Teachers can find inspiration and ideas, and Pinterest can even provide ways to help differentiate lesson plans by using images and videos for visual learners. Users can save pictures and even blogs with easy-to-use online pin boards.

Ideas for using Pinterest in the classroom

Here are some interesting ways teachers can use Pinterest to inspire themselves and their students:

  • Referencing studies: These ideas can be organized on Pinterest and can be easily found when needed.
  • Showcasing student accomplishments: Pinterest provides creative ideas to make flashy bulletin displays.
  • Educational pins: Teachers can get ideas for student projects and lesson plans.
  • Decorate classrooms: Pinterest provides many ideas and photos of classroom setups.
  • Research tool: Students can easily search for ideas and techniques to add interest to their studies and projects.
  • Multimedia research project: Students can create boards for research topics/assignments and pin/collect relevant articles, images, and videos.

These are some of our favorite ways to use Pinterest as an educational resource in the classroom. For more inventive ways to incorporate technology in the classroom, try a free trial of our online professional develop platform.

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