Sharing Options in G Suite

Diomedes Gonzalez
PD Specialist
News on October 20 2020

Do you have sensitive information that you want to share with colleagues, students, or parents? With G Suite, you can easily create a space for collaboration where everyone can share ideas without needing to be in the same location — or even time zone! Let’s learn how it’s done.

Options for permission settings

You have a few options when it comes to sharing a Google file.

First, you choose your audience. You can share your file with an individual, a group of people, your organization, or the public. When you click on the share button (shown below) you can select how you would like to share the Google file.  

You have three options to choose for permission settings:  

  • Viewer –  Allows the other person viewing rights.  
  • Commenter – Allows the participant to only comment on the shared file.  
  • Editor – Allows the person to comment and make any edits to the file.  

These sharing and permission settings help you control access to your files, and also determine the extent to which others can edit or interact with it.

Allowing temporary access

An additional option you might want to explore is opening your file for temporary access only. If you choose this option, be mindful that when you give someone temporary access, they can only view and make comments to the file. This is a great option for sharing a file short-term with someone for review purposes only. 

To select this temporary access option, you must first share the file with an individual (select any of the permission options). Then click send. Next, go back to the sharing options and this time when you click on the permission (viewer, commenter, or editor) you’ll notice the option to give temporary access. You also have the ability to choose how long you would like this person to have access to the file.  

Select the time frame most appropriate for your shared document, and know that access to your file is now protected based on this parameter.

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