SMART amp Adds New Customized Group Feature

Nina Sclafani
Senior Event Coordinator
News on November 19 2014

SMART Amp adds new feature to help classroom management and customize instruction

SMART amp, the cloud-based collaboration workspace that allows teachers and students to work together from any web-enabled device, has just added another great feature: “Customize Groups to Hand Out Copies.”

With this feature, teachers will now be able to administer work to individual students, randomly selected groups of students, or groups of students specifically selected by the teacher.

Although sometimes the random selection option can create well-balanced groups, other times a teacher may not want specific students to work together. With SMART amps new customize groups feature, teachers can choose to separate students that may not work well together.

This feature isn’t just for classroom management. Teachers may also want to create custom groups in order to target the different needs of groups of students. For example, if one group needs additional help with topic A, while another group needs help with topic B, you can easily group them together with the customize tool. From there you can send each individual group material targeted to their needs.

How it Works

Start creating groups in SMART amp

To create your custom groups, first head over to Hand out copies and select whether you’d like to send the copy to an individual student, or to a new group.

hand out copies with SMART amp

If you select Hand out copies to individual students, a list of your students’ names will appear. Simply select the students you would like to receive the copy and click Hand Out Copies.

Group your students with this new feature in SMART amp

If you select Hand out copies to new groups, a list of your students’ names will appear, however this time you’ll have the ability to group them however you’d like. You can either choose random or place specific students into groups. Once your groups are complete, click Hand Out Copies.

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