How to Set Your SMART Board Handwriting Recognition for Spanish

Post in News by Jasmine Rivera on 10th July 2019

Smart en Espanol

Did you know your SMART Board can recognize Spanish?

So you are a maestro o maestra de español and you are using your SMART Board’s text pen during class. What better way to help with the teaching process than by having your handwriting be recognized in Spanish text? Yes, SMART Notebook is able to recognize your handwriting in Spanish and convert it into onscreen text. Notebook will even convert the correct punctuation and accent marks!

*NOTE: This feature is available only on Windows OS currently.

SMART Notebook supports handwriting recognition in English by default, so if you want to use handwriting recognition in Spanish you must first change the recognition language.

How to do it (in three easy steps)

To use the Spanish handwriting recognition language feature while working in a SMART Notebook file, here’s what you need to do:

1. Select a pen tool and write a word in Spanish.
2. Right-click your word and select “Recognize Languages.” The “Language Setup” window will appear.
3. Go to “Handwriting Recognition,” click Español in the drop-down menu, click OK, and then close the menu.

smart in espanol

Use it in the classroom

Now that you’ve enabled your SMART Board handwriting recognition in Spanish, you can save your Text Pen as a favorite so that you have easy access to this tool when needed.

This resource is great for those teaching Spanish or working with an ESL/ELL population. Use it when you have students come up to the SMART board to make corrections to sentence structure, conjugations, and more!

While this is an awesome tool to use while you’re delivering your next lesson, don’t forget that this isn’t a translation tool. That’s your students’ job!

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