SMART Learning Suite Online Updates for Remote and Hybrid Learning

Nicole Soto
News on October 30 2020

SMART Learning Suite Online (SLSO) has a ton of new updates geared towards remote and hybrid learning that are guaranteed to help you streamline, while keeping student engagement flying high. Let’s dive in!

Instructional audio

Quickly and easily record audio narration for any lesson page right in SMART Learning Suite Online without having to use any external recording software. You can add your voice to any lesson page providing verbal explanation and instruction for more interactive, supported teaching. Instructional audio gives teachers the power to provide guidance and support for students — anytime, anywhere.

Student attribution in workspaces

Now, it’s easy to assess group projects, and to monitor and evaluate individual student work in small group and whole class collaborative workspaces. SMART Learning Suite Online displays which students have added/edited items in a shared workspace, providing insight into learning and increasing student accountability.

New ready-made content

SLS Online also has great graphic organizers and manipulatives available in the iQ whiteboard, that are now available for use in SLSO. These include things like fraction tiles, coins, and more. You can insert this content into your lessons to get a real-time assessment of students’ understanding, and even build in question sets that leverage existing content in SMART Notebook lessons.  

Take advantage of these new updates

SMART Learning Suite Online has always helped teachers transform static content into interactive experiences, but new updates and features grow this advantage. Take advantage of the new SLSO updates geared towards improving students’ remote and hybrid learning experience. These updates are guaranteed to help your students stay focus wherever learning happens.  

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