SMART vs. Triumph

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News on August 28 2018

SMART Board vs. Triumph Board

Just when you thought it was over, the battle of the interactive flat panels continues! In this video, the team compares the SMART Board 6065 and the 75” Triumph Board. Any guess on which board will be easier to use? Let’s watch and find out!


Start-up time for the SMART Board and Triumph Board were the same, so we moved on to comparing the desktop annotation capabilities on both panels.

On the SMART Board, the team immediately chose separate pen colors and began annotating over the screen. The SMART Board recognized each pen as a different user – this means students can use write and erase functions independent of each other. They were able to complete their task at the SMART Board without any hiccups.

On the Triumph Board, desktop annotation was not as simple. To start, our team couldn’t walk right up to the board and start annotating – they had to first enable an overlay mode. Once that was enabled, they quickly found out that the board only recognized one tool at a time. You guessed it: this means two students would not be able to work on the board at the same time (unless they wrote and erased in tandem, or took turns using the board, which defeats the purpose).

How did the annotation feature work in SMART Notebook? Not much better. Not only were the team’s annotations erased when they navigated out of the overlay, but usability decreased significantly when using SMART Notebook on the Triumph Board. Tools had to be selected each time prior to use, and again, two users could not be differentiated.
If a lot of this sounds familiar, it’s because it is. Many of the other boards in our comparison series had the same lack of usability when we stacked them up against the SMART Board.

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ICYMI: As mentioned before, Teq is a proud retailer of SMART Boards. When it comes to interactive displays, we haven’t been able to find a product that can compete with SMART.

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