How to Use the Tab Resize Chrome Extension

Terry VanNoy
PD Specialist
News on April 22 2021


When doing work on their computers, teachers often need to read documents, prepare lessons, and keep an eye on their email and video conference alerts all at the same time. When multiple monitors are not a possibility, what can we do to streamline our computer usage and prevent all the endless clicking and scrolling?

Answer: Use a split screen layout.


Using Tab Resize to split your screen

We recommend using the Chrome Extension, Tab Resize, found easily in the Chrome Web Store. More than just splitting the view of a web browser, this extension can create multiple, scrollable windows. Let’s take a look.

1. Download and install the Tab Resize extension.

2. Pin it to your Chrome Extensions bar.


3. When you have at least four Chrome tabs open, make one of the middle ones your active tab. To do this, tap on Tab Resize and the settings box will appear. Then, decide what type of arrangement you want with your current tabs. It’s important to note that the split will happen to the right of your current open tab.


4. The 2 X 2 arrangement is great if you’re multitasking, but I use 1 X 2 most of the time. The black and white plus button allows you to create your own grid by typing in the number of columns and rows you need.

5. At the bottom of the settings box, you’ll see shortcut keys and options. Try options first.

6. Options takes you to the developers website, but you’ll also see the following list of default keyboard shortcuts:


7. The shortcut keys link takes you to the Chrome Extension settings page where you can change and add your own shortcuts. It looks like this:


Give Tab Resize a try when you have a lot of open tabs on your Chrome browser, and put it to the test! We’re pretty sure it will be a big time-saver.

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