Teq Delivers an Exciting Day of STEAM Learning for PS 219 

Post in News by Marketing Team on 10th August 2017

Teq hosted a STEAM-focused field trip that had the students of PS 219 smiling (and learning!) all day

On May 11th, Teq welcomed over 30 elementary students and teachers from PS 219 for a day of STEAM-focused learning activities at Teq’s Huntington Station headquarters. 

Focusing on the Future

The day started with a welcome speech from Teq’s Chief Learning Office, Robert Wayne Harris, that focused on the importance of STEAM learning, and prepared and excited the students for the day’s activities. Throughout the speech, students eagerly asked questions about robotics, coding, and STEAM-career opportunities, and they brought their curiosity and excitement to each of the activities that followed.

“Amp”ing Up

In the first room, PD Specialist, Laura Jakubowski guided the students through an activity where they created individual “About Me” boards using SMART amp, SMART’s nearly infinite digital canvas that supports collaborative learning.

“With SMART amp, students are able to take control of their learning. When used in groups, students learn to collaborate to build workspaces to leverage their knowledge and showcase their expertise in a subject,” said Laura. 

Throughout the activity, the students learned how to personalize their own “space” in order to share their thoughts and opinions about their families, school experiences, and pop culture with their peers. The students decorated their spaces with added video clips from youtube, sound clips, and images.

Laura said she chose this activity because, “it gives students the chance to express themselves through videos, color, sound and drawing, all while creating a digital workspace. This activity also gave me the opportunity to use the ‘Follow Me’ feature, which allows students to lead their peers through their workspace, and show off their presentation skills. It is amazing to see students so empowered.”

Although the students enjoyed SMART amp, the fan favorite of the session may have been the Audio Enhancement classroom audio system. Using the microphone, each student presented their amp workspaces and treated their peers to a bit of karaoke-style singing. 

Ready, Aim, Fire!

In the other classroom, Teq PD Specialist, Matt Thaxter, led the students through an interactive activity where students constructed their own catapults from popsicle sticks.

Working in teams of 4, the students made predictions as to what design would work best, and using the SMART 6000 series Interactive Flat Panel, drew modifications to the design they selected. From there, the students collaborated on building their catapults using a variety of craft supplies.

The activity ended with an exciting contest where each catapult was tested using ping pong balls.  

A Successful STEAM-Filled Day

The students were also treated to a pizza party that included entertainment by PD Specialist Robert Abraham, and the Nao robot—the most popular humanoid robot for the classroom worldwide.

The day ended with a wrap-up session where students shared what they learned and what they enjoyed most. However, those answers may have changed immediately following the discussion when the kids were treated to goodie bags full of stickers, slap bracelets, and snacks for the bus ride home. 

Making Learning Fun

“Each day at Teq, we hear from educators how classroom technology positively impacts the way students learn, but to see that positive impact in person is another thing entirely” said Nina Sclafani of the Teq Marketing team. “With every tool the students used throughout the day, it was clear—they were engaged in the lessons, excited to use the technology, and genuinely happy to be at learning.”

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