Teq to Provide Free CTLE-Approved 3D Printing Workshops for Educators

Post in News by Rossana Pazmino on 19th October 2017

The professional development company partners with Ultimaker to foster STEAM growth in K-12 classrooms

As 3D printing grows in popularity in the K-12 segment, so do the demands for curriculum integration and reliability. To understand the challenges educators face with the newest EdTech must-have, Teq partnered with Ultimaker to provide a 3D Training Workshop where we discussed pain-points, lesson ideas, and provided an introduction to the 3D printing world.

The Challenges

Remember when a 3D printer sounded like a thing so far in the future, it almost seemed unrealistic? Now, it has become a common to hear both teachers and students give their best “pretty please” to administrators for the chance to get a 3D printer in their classroom. But as any administrator will tell you, new classroom technology always brings new challenges. Here are the top 3 most common:

1. How to Integrate a 3D printer into The Curriculum
2. A Printer That Sits in a Classroom Closet Because No One Knows How It Works
3. A Printer That Sits in a Classroom Closet Because No One Knows How to Fix It

Of course, curriculum integration and utilization challenges are nothing new for school administrators. Although product training seems like an obvious utilization solution, allocating a teachers’ time to receive training can get complicated, not to mention expensive.

Although product training is a critical component of technology-adaption, it only solves half of the problem. Sure, your teachers will learn how to use the 3D printer, but what happens when it needs troubleshooting? How much classroom downtime will this cause? And more importantly, how will they integrate a 3D printer into the curriculum?

The Solutions

It’s easier than you think.

Curriculum Integration

Oddly enough, we recommend trusting the Internet on this one. Take advantage of online resources! There are entire 3D printing online communities that support fellow 3D printer enthusiasts. Find the ones that share pedagogical content like lesson ideas, articles and other teacher tips. Two of Teq’s favorites include YouMagine and Thingiverse. These are two great printer-agnostic sites that offer enough lesson ideas to get your teachers off and running.

Knowing How It Works

Full disclosure: we believe that the most effective and least time-consuming way to know your 3D printer is to receive product training from the experts. But if you have not (yet) invested in product training, choose a 3D printer vendor that provides enough online resources to allow your teachers to self-service.

No matter the question, the vendor you choose should have easy-to-find, readily-available answers. Be picky about your 3D printer—is it easy enough for teachers to use? Does it cater to all grade levels? Will it be as amusing to High School students as it is for Elementary students? What do customer reviews say?

Knowing How to Fix It

The better the 3D printer, the less troubleshooting you need to worry about. But when you do experience issues, you need a vendor with reliable support options that will quickly address your concerns. This will prevent classroom downtime and lots of frustration. Things to consider: What support options do they offer? Do they have a good reputation? What does my warranty cover?

The Invitation

Whether you’re in the process of choosing a 3D printer or just getting started with the one you do have, we welcome you to attend our free upcoming 3D printing workshops. Teq experts are talking 3D printing lessons, best practices, optimization tips and tricks to help you dive into the 3D world.

These courses are CTLE-Approved and are open to all educators, students, and parents. For more workshop details and registration, please visit 3D Printing Workshops.

To learn more about Teq’s Professional Development Services, visit https://www.teq.com/pd-platforms/. You can follow Teq on Twitter (@TeqPD or https://twitter.com/TeqPD) for their latest updates.

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