Time-Saving Tips for Google Forms

Robert Abraham
PD Account Manager / PD Specialist
News on March 10 2021


Google Forms is a powerful tool for creating anything from a simple survey to a detailed quiz. While you’re undoubtedly using a lot of its great features and settings already, in this blog we cover two time-saving tips that can be especially helpful for teachers.

Customize the confirmation messages in your Google Form

When a user completes a survey or quiz in Google Forms and clicks “Submit,” they receive a standard message saying, “Your response has been recorded.” Did you know it’s possible to change this generic message and replace it with one of your own? You can do this to create a personalized message, or even to direct the person to another task or website when they complete the form.

  • In the form, click on the Settings icon on the top
  • Next, click on “Presentation”
  • Under confirmation message, change the text to whatever you choose
  • Click “Save” when complete


How to make all Google Form questions required

There are many different types of questions you can ask when creating a Google Form. You also have the option of making each individual question required. If the question is required, the user will see a red asterisk next to the question indicating that it is required, and they will not be able to submit the form or go to another section until all required questions have been filled in. This can be a little bit tedious to do for each individual question, but Google Forms allows you to make every question required. Note that when you make this change it will affect all questions, not only on this Form, but every other Google Form you create until you turn the setting off.

  • Click the three vertical dots on the top right corner of the form
  • Click on Preferences
  • Check off “Make questions required”

From the Preferences menu above, you can also set a default point value for questions asked when converting a survey to a quiz. The default point value will be added to each question going forward on this and future quizzes. You can alter an individual question’s point value at any time.


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