Create Transcripts of Your Google Meets with Tactiq

Greg DaSilva
PD Specialist
News on March 15 2021

Create Transcripts of Your Google Meets with Tactiq

Tactiq is a helpful Chrome extension that allows you to create a transcription for everything that is said during a meeting. Whether using it for record keeping, for accessibility reasons, or for classroom management, with this tool you can document what goes on in your virtual classes. All it takes is a few easy steps.

Install the extension

First, to install the Tactiq Chrome extension (and any others), you need to go to the Chrome Web Store. Search for the extension by name and then select “Add to Chrome.” Keep in mind that extensions are made by third parties and it is always a good idea to exercise good digital citizenship and consult your school or district policies before installing and using extensions.

Setting up Tactiq

Once installed, the Tactiq will be active only within Google Meet. When you start a meeting, the Tactiq toolbar will appear on the right-hand side of the screen (look for the colorful cloud icon!). Be sure to turn on the closed captions option in your Google Meet (using the bottom toolbar). With closed captions enabled and the Tactiq extension installed, a live transcription of your meeting will be logged. The highlight feature in the toolbar, once selected, will highlight the next sentence that is spoken.

Create Transcripts of Your Google Meets with Tactiq


When you are at the close of your Google Meet, look for the Tactiq Chrome extension icon in the upper right corner and choose the option of “Export as” and select either Tactiq, Clipboard, .TXT or Google Doc. If you select the Google Doc option, your transcription will be saved in a folder titled Tactiq Transcriptions in your Google Drive. You can select auto-save as well to have transcriptions created automatically each time you have a Meet.

And there you have it. With the Tactiq extension you have an automated way to create a transcription for everything said during your meeting. Refer back to it for reference, use it for meeting notes, and everything in between!

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