Two More Reasons to Like SMART iQ

Post in News by MatthewThaxter on 30th November 2018


Do you use the latest SMART iQ appliance in your 6000-, 7000-, or 8000-series SMART interactive flat panel (IFP)? If the answer is yes, we’ve got two more reasons to like it.

What are they? Two reasons, two words: mouse and keyboard.

Keeping Your Classroom Technology Future-Ready

When SMART first released their IFPs, they were already putting innovation to the test, and their boards have long been cited as “future ready.” And that, they are.

What makes them future ready is their adaptability – specifically, the ability to expand the boards’ usability and compatibility as technology evolves. How do they manage this? With an add-on to the IFP called the “iQ appliance.” These appliances update with changes to the software of the Android operating system, and when they do, their functionality increases.

Updates to SMART iQ Have Enabled External Mouse and Keyboard Usage

Many teachers use the Chrome browser built into their interactive flat panel, but found that when logging into their G Suite accounts, the whole class was be able to see their password, since they could only use the onscreen keyboard. Now, after recent updates to the AM30s and AM40s SMART iQ appliances, teachers do not need to worry. Why?

Thanks to the latest updates to the iQ software, you can now use a USB mouse and a USB keyboard to control the apps and features of the iQ – just plug in each to the blue USB ports!

Here’s what the ports of both SMART iQ appliances look like:


So, if you are lucky enough to have an AM30 or AM40 SMART iQ module, enjoy the ease of navigation – now with your mouse and keyboard.

To learn more about SMART Boards visit our website. You can also watch our recent Teq Tips for quick classroom technology tips and tricks.

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