Uploading Non-Digital Work to Google Classroom

Patricia Umhafer
PD Specialist
News on March 20 2020

A paperless classroom

As much as we try to move towards paperless classrooms, sometimes students may need to show work that may not be of the digital form. This could be more tactile and hand-written or hand-created things like art projects, handwriting samples, written out math problems, and a variety of other things. The question is, then, how do we make this work digital so that students can submit digitally?

Good news! Students can do this easily via Google Classroom. Below are some instructions and recommendations on how to get it done.

Here’s how to digitize student work and submit via Google Classroom

1. While in the assignment, make sure to direct students to create and submit their work using Google Slides.

2. When students click on the assignment they are ready to work on, they should click the “Add or create button.”

3. From there they should select “Slides.”

4. Students then have a few options:

  • Drag and drop in a photo or video saved on the computer to the Slide.
  • Click the insert image icon and select camera. This will allow the student to use the camera on their device and drop the picture directly into the Google Slides.
  • Students also have the option here to upload a picture saved on the computer by clicking “Upload from computer.”
    5. When done, students should click the “Turn in” button to submit their work.

    For teachers, the turned in assignment will appear under student work, where all other assignments appear. With these easy steps and options, students have a quick way to submit their hand-created work digitally, and teachers are able to utilize the benefits of Google Classroom to manage their classrooms.

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