Use Your Noodle on GoNoodle

Patricia Umhafer
PD Specialist
News on February 18 2020


Have you heard of GoNoodle?

If you are an early education teacher and you haven’t heard of GoNoodle, you’re missing out. GoNoodle is a free interactive early education (pre-K to about 2nd grade) website that gets children moving, learning, and creates productive screen time.

GoNoodle can be used at home or school — all you need is an email account. There is an option to pay for an account (GoNoodle plus), but there are plenty of engaging activities that are available for free.

The platform has several categories covering curricular, mindfulness, sensory and motor skills, school life, and movement type. Each category is then broken down into skills or subject areas. There are several videos under each to promote them.

Kinesthetic learning

The benefits of children moving and learning are endless. Kinesthetic learning helps children retain and remember information better than when they just read or write. Movement also takes fluency to another level. Young children need and want to move, and it is important for them to practice those gross motor skills throughout their whole day, not just in PE or at recess. Getting them up and moving several times a day will help with classroom behaviors and allows for a fun, memorable classroom experience. Not to mention the health benefits both physically and mentally. A child who moves is a happy, healthy child.

Stay tuned for more blogs to get a deeper dive into each category and explore how to use GoNoodle in your classroom to promote core standards, successful transitions, and create a happy, healthy, moving and engaging classroom. Until then, take some time to explore the GoNoodle website — you won’t regret it. GO NOODLE!

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