Utilizing Screencastify Submit

Matthew Thaxter
PD Account Manager / PD Specialist
News on March 05 2021

If you are a fan of Screencastify, you’ll be happy to know there’s been a third tool added to the service: Screencastify Submit. For those who have full access to Screencastify, you’ll now be able to utilize a platform where students can submit video responses through Google Classroom.

Using Screencastify Submit allows teachers to create activities that can be shared through a dedicated class link or through Google Classroom. Whether these are used via hyperlink or Classroom, all files are stored in the teacher’s Google Drive.

Select an assignment type in Screencastify Submit

The Screencastify Submit feature can benefit students, and the learning process in general, by allowing them submitting personal, visual narratives as responses to questions or prompts. It’s also a great tool to use for student check-ins at the end of a class. In addition to the great uses, the usability/technical advantages of having this Screencastify Submit account are quite numerous — let’s review the main points.

Less tech worry for students
  • Students can use any web-enabled device to record their submissions (note: screen capturing is not yet supported on mobile devices)
  • Students do not need to add any extensions or apps to complete these assignments
  • Ease-of-use with one-click recording without multiple steps
Safe and secure video integration
  • All video content is stored on the teacher’s Google Drive and not on the Screencastify website
  • Robust account settings to manage who has access and privacy settings
  • No student accounts created nor student data collected

Select your privacy settings dialogue box in Screencastify Submit

As seen below, the process for your students to create their video is as easy as it can be. With just a few clicks, students can start/pause/stop recordings and submit their video assignments straight to you. See it below in an animated GIF that was recorded, edited, and saved as a GIF — all with Screencastify.

Screencastify Submit sample assignment

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