Watch a YouTube Video in Another Language with Subtit

Greg DaSilva
PD Specialist
News on May 11 2020


What is Subtit?

Subtit is a video translation tool, accessible through a web app or Chrome extension, that is used to dub-over a YouTube video in another language. This can be useful if you have students who are in the process of acquiring English and you are assigning a task that involves them watching a video on YouTube. If those students visit or install the extension on their Chrome browser, they will be able to hear the video in their desired language. Keep in mind that some Chrome extensions may be disabled in your school’s G Suite domain, so if you are unable to add it, speak with your school’s G Suite Admin. Now, let’s take a look at how it works!

Web App Version

One of the ways that we can access the translation tool is by navigating to the website After copying the link of the YouTube video, simply paste it in the search bar and press the yellow button to find it.

Next, click on the gear icon to select the target language. Please note that this tool only works with videos that have closed captioning. Since closed captioning is automatic on many YouTube videos, this should not be a problem, but make sure to double check. In testing, I have found that the dubbing works best if the video is played between .5 and .75 playback speed, depending on how fast the speaker is talking. This can be adjusted by going to the video window and finding the gear icon. Click and change the playback speed if needed.

Chrome Extension Version

To install the extension on the Chrome browser, head to the Chrome Store to download. Once it is added you will see the Subtit icon in the upper right hand corner of your Chrome browser. Click the blue “Add to Chrome” button. When it is turned on, it will be yellow and green, but you can turn it off by clicking on the icon and pressing the toggle switch. The Chrome extension works in a similar way, but one key difference is that if the extension turned-on, when watching videos at the dubbing will start automatically.

YouTube is a fantastic resource with educational content and a great way for ELL students to hear content in their own native language. Inform them that they can access it either as a website or a Chrome extension.

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