Teq Digital Teacher Certifications

Join our PD Specialists as they cover everything from basic set up to lesson development for today’s most valuable instructional tools.

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Google Chromebooks

Across the country, school districts are rolling out Chromebooks in large quantities. Learn how to manage apps and extensions, print from the cloud, administer multiple devices, and effectively implement Chromebooks in a classroom environment.

G Suite for Education

Learn key strategies for improving workflow between teachers and students, how to increase efficiency in document flow, and various methods to improve communication beyond the classroom walls using G Suite and additional tools. Set the course for participants to become Google educators.

Microsoft Office 365

Change the way you plan, teach, and assess your students with Microsoft’s hybrid desktop and online platform. Learn to use this collaborative tool to organize email, personalize websites, and access One Drive and Office programs from any device.

SMART Notebook

Effectively integrate your SMART Board and its software into daily classroom instruction. Introduce new instructional frameworks and learn both theory and practice of how to effectively integrate interactive whiteboards into daily instruction. The skills learned will be used to create lesson activities.


Learn how to effectively integrate tablets into classroom instruction. This course is guaranteed to enhance your comfort and application with this key piece of classroom technology. Participants will learn about a variety of apps that focus on educational practice, including Apple’s suite of productivity apps – Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. By the end of the course, participants will create a well-developed project plan and share it with the group.


This course is a sequenced professional development program that teaches participants the best practices for using the SMART Table. During the sessions teachers will learn how to find and modify already created SMART Table lessons and learn how to create their own lessons from scratch. By the end of the course each participant will create their own SMART Table lesson and present it to the group.

Learn the ins and outs of today’s hottest classroom technology with Teq’s Digital Teacher Certifications.

Onsite Certifications

From delivery of instruction to assessment and follow-up, our specialists will provide you with all the skills you need to create engaging, interactive classroom content.

Participants gain a complete understanding of how to utilize the technology to the fullest potential in their classroom, and leave the certification with relevant instructional content, built using skills learned throughout the course. Participants will receive a certificate upon successful completion.

Online Certifications

Teq’s Digital Teacher Certifications are available as a series of online courses. Join our PD staff as we focus on scaffolded instruction and successful implementation of these popular classroom tools. Personalized feedback is provided as participants submit assignments throughout the course, and a final project is submitted with lesson content applicable to the classroom environment.

Want to take your certification further?.

With Teq Certification Plus, you will receive all the benefits of Teq Digital Teacher Certifications (Instructional sessions, Lesson plan development sessions, Presentation session) plus additional 15, 30, or 45 days of in-class mentoring by our PD Specialists. The number of mentoring days varies based on your selected package.

15 Day Mentoring

Begin with the Digital Teacher Certification and continue with fifteen days of mentoring services that focus on lesson development techniques. Learn how to effectively implement and utilize technology in the classroom to build students’ proficiency and 21st century skills.

30 Day Mentoring

With the Digital Teacher Certification and thirty days of mentoring, participants will further explore technology integration in the 21st century classroom. They’ll learn how to create rich and dynamic online learning spaces, and build their data-driven instruction skills in order to identify and address student knowledge gaps in the areas of 21st century skills and digital literacy.

45 Day Mentoring

The Digital Teacher Certification and forty-five days of in-school mentoring provides teachers with contextual PD and content-specific examples that bridge student knowledge gaps and promote the achievement of 21st century learning outcomes. Teachers are equipped to assess student performance and demographics, enabling them to personalize instruction practices to each learning style.

Evolve your classroom to support 21st century learning