Teq Announces New Consulting Services for Network-Enabled Device Management 

Post in Press Releases by Marketing Team on 6th March 2018

New services designed to help schools with the challenges of managing thousands of student and teacher devices. 

HUNTINGTON STATION—March 5, 2018—Teq, the leading ed tech and professional development company, today announced the launch of NEDM—network-enabled device management—a new consulting service offered exclusively for its customers of SMART Board® interactive flat panel displays.  

NEDM is one of the fastest growing needs among schools. As the use of devices (like laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, and SMART Boards) extends to hundreds or thousands of students and teachers across a school district, the need for school technology leaders to manage these products and their associated apps and online services has expanded. In some cases, this growth has been so fast that it has outpaced the expansion of school bandwidth limits and staffing needs.   

Central to Teq’s success has been its ability to consistently deliver highly personalized customer service. Now, NEDM is helping to manage the very first steps of the customer lifecycle—preparing a school’s network for modern displays – like the latest SMART Boards – to ensure the best outcomes from a large interactive display deployment.  

“The new SMART Boards are much more than just an interactive display,” said Damian Scarfo, CEO of Teq. “They contain an embedded computer, giving teachers access to the web, screencasting, and other apps. We’re thrilled to launch our new NEDM consulting services and continue to improve the experience our customers have with the SMART product line.  

“Teachers today use their SMART Boards for more than just writing and sharing notes and lesson,” said Don Murphy, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Technology at Hauppauge Public Schools. “Not only do they want to access websites and digital content, they want students to share directly to the display. It is really a central, unified hub for the classroom. Screencasting was of specific interest to our teachers, and Teq was able to help prepare our network so that our teachers had a simple, seamless experience in the classroom.” 

NEDM will have different levels of service, and the initial consulting will be offered free of charge to Teq’s SMART Board customers. NEDM is part of a larger consulting services offering from Teq, which also includes professional development for school leaders and consulting around the building of STEM programs. Schools can learn more about Teq by visiting https://www.teq.com. 

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