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Easy Proficiency / Grades 3-5 / Grades 6-8 / Grades 9-12 / Hydroponics / Science / STEM Technologies / Subject Grade Specific

Farmshelf is a plug and play hydroponic growing system that makes farming simple.
  • Features 16 removable trays
  • Holds up 288 plants
  • Yields approximately 5-6 pounds of produce per week
  • Easy to adopt
  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • Pre-created curriculum included

Through a hands-on approach, students will learn the basics of plant biology and care, the plant life cycle, closed ecosystems, and life science principles. Integrated with state and federal learning standards, Farmshelf can be the perfect addition to your science classroom.

In a cafeteria setting, Farmshelf can provide students with the healthy, local, and nutritious produce needed to learn and grow, all in an eye-catching and educational installation. Your students will see their food grow from seed to plate before their eyes.

Insert seed pods
Farmshelf delivers your choice of seed pods; you just insert them to plant.

Add water
The quick-connect hose makes it easy to fill your unit with water

Always growing
Farmshelf remotely monitors to optimize plant health and guide you along.

With your Farmshelf purchase, you will receive an unlimited amount of herbs, greens, and edible flowers for 1 year. Simply log on to your personal Farmshelf account and easily choose from over 50 options each month.

Amaranth | Portuguese Kale | Red Komatsuna | Shiso | Mizuna | Green Giant Mustard | Scarlet Frills Mustard | Joi Choi | Swiss Chard | Green Sorrel | Butter Lettuce | Bibb Lettuce | Red Oak Leaf Lettuce | Salanova Lettuce | Romaine Lettuce

Amethyst Basil | Genovese Basil | Holy Basil | Lemon Basil | Thai Basil | Lemon Balm | Chives | Thyme | Mint | Za’atar | Sage

Edible Flowers:
Anise Hyssop | Chamomile | Marigold | Sweet Alyssum | Viola

Farmshelf’s digital curriculum is a comprehensive resource for all things Farmshelf and hydroponics, and covers topics such as:

  • Plant science
  • Integrated pest management
  • Biology
  • History of hydroponics
  • Chemistry
  • Farmshelf care

Empower your students to learn about how a hydroponic system works, including care and maintenance. What Your Students Can Do:

  • Refill Water (weekly)
  • Harvest Plants (weekly)
  • Refill Nutrients (monthly)
  • Insert Seed Pods
  • Transplant Seedlings
  • Clean Surfaces and Debris

Service Visit Details
Teq will visit 4-6x per year to assist with any care tasks as needed.