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Coding / STEM Technologies

SAM Labs kits include app-enabled, programmable blocks that each have a personality of their own – designed to inspire every student and empower non-technical teachers with easy and engaging coding and STEAM solutions for the classroom.

By combining highly engaging software with physical Bluetooth-enabled blocks, students can become engineers and programmers by visualizing and coding in a simple and intuitive way.

Every Bluetooth-enabled block can connect to the other blocks to perform a different function – press a button to turn on a light, use a light sensor to activate an alarm, and more!

Share student work from their devices or model projects using the SAM Space app on any external PC or SMART Board. Model projects and engage in whole class learning on an external PC or SMART Board with iQ with Windows, or share student work from their devices to any SMART Board with iQ through screensharing. SAM Labs lesson plans and student worksheets can be imported into SMART Learning Suite Online.

Take SAM Labs a step further using Learn to Code Kits that integrate Google’s Workbench and micro:bit. Allow students to progress from flow-based coding in SAM Space, to block-based coding with more versatility using Workbench.

SAM Space
Main application for visual drag-and-drop programming. Cloud-based and offline modes with virtual blocks for when physical blocks aren’t available – include homework and outside class work! (iPad, Windows, Chromebook, Android) *multiple languages available

Google’s Workbench
Progress from SAM Space’s visual programming to your perfect Chromebook solution for block-based coding – the next step towards script-based language. Integrate with Learn to Code Kits that use micro:bit! (Chromebook, Chrome browser on Mac)

SMART Classroom Kit by SAM Labs:
  • A complete solution for full classroom instruction
  • Supports up to 30 students in a 3:1 setting
  • Includes 40 SAM Blocks plus accessories
  • 40+ Curriculum-aligned lesson plans for coding and STEAM

  • Ideal for small groups and makerspaces
  • Greater variety of blocks for student exploration
  • Supports up to 6 students
  • Includes 16 SAM Blocks plus accessories
  • 40+ Curriculum-aligned lesson plans for coding and STEAM

SAM Labs Learn to Code Kits with 10 micro:bit
  • Students join SAM on a journey through Cyberspace
  • Use Google’s Workbench to create programs with micro:bit
  • Provides teachers with the content & tools to deliver computer science with confidence
  • Learn, do, and reflect with links to real-world applications, building & debugging