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Augmented/Virtual Reality / Grades 3-5 / Grades 6-8 / Grades 9-12 / High Curriculum Versatility / Intermediate Proficiency / STEM Technologies

With over 550 interactive and immersive Virtual Reality lesson modules expertly aligned to national and state standards, and a learning management platform which allows teachers to track their students’ progress, Veative is a virtual reality solution specifically designed for education.

Lesson content comes pre-downloaded on the Veative EduPro headset and does not require the use of a mobile device or Wi-Fi to access it.

Veative Content Library

The content library includes 550 STEM modules for middle and high school science, 20 virtual tours, and over 100 English Language Learning (ELL) modules. Veative’s content has been aligned to national and state standards such as NGSS and Common Core by expert educators from the GAINS Education Group.

Veative’s lesson modules allow students to complete a variety of activities in a completely immersive and interactive virtual environment, including conducting science experiments, visualizing math concepts, and taking virtual field trips.

Teachers can also track student progress, create custom playlist, and launch, control, monitor and paus modules simultaneously on all student headsets using the built-in classroom and content management tools in the content library.

Veative Home Study Bundle

Veative’s Home Study Bundle provides Veative’s entire content library to students on any computer using just a keyboard and mouse, no VR headset required.  With the Veative Home Study Bundle, educators will have access to all of the built-in classroom and content management and data analytics tools available in the content library.

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