We aid to help schools implement distance learning and online professional development.

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Best practices for distance learning with OTIS for educators:

22 min
Remote Learning with SMART Learning Suite Online
Discover how SMART Learning Suite Online could be used for Remote Learning. This session covers the features and functions that allow you to provide direct and indirect instruction to students at home, for homework or in a distance learning model.
22 min
Remote Learning: Things to Consider
SMART Learning Suite Online gives teachers a place to create classroom activities and assessments and share them to students
35 min
Using Google Meet for Remote Learning
Looking for a way to get some face-to-face time remotely? Google Meet has you covered! In this course we will take you through setting up a Google Meet and go over some different strategies for how to use this tool for remote learning for your class.
43 min
Using Microsoft Teams For Remote Learning
Did you know Office 365 for Education has a feature that’s perfect for remote learning? You may not currently be using it, but Microsoft Teams is your ideal solution for setting up a remote learning experience for your students. Join us as we walk through how to best utilize this Microsoft app.

OTIS for educators – PD for Remote Learning

We have a series of webinars for Remote learning. This includes SMART Learning Suite Online, Google, and Microsoft Teams.

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Education companies are offering resources for free

We are sharing resources from our partners and affiliates that we feel will help you and your schools in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic that is affecting schools. These resources are for informational purposes only and Teq does not endorse any product or program that is listed.

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OTIS for educators

For more information to how to utilize our online professional development platform, OTIS for educators, for your school please fill out the form below:

Cleaning your devices

Resources on how to keep your SMART Boards and STEM products clean.

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Google remote learning resources

These are a collection of resources for how you can easily communicate with your students.

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Activity Resources for Educators

We’ve curated a list of helpful websites, apps, and more, to help educators inspire every kind of learner during this time. This resource is organized by grade range and subject, so you can find just what you need.

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Teq Talk

We are constantly updating our resource blog filled with great ideas on lesson curriculum, student learning, STEM activities, and all things edtech!

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Hello Parents!

Explore our at-home resource list

Parents, we’ve got you covered! We’ve curated a list of helpful websites, apps, games, and more, that can help keep your child learning and engaged while at home. Explore the resources below by grade and subject to find just what you need.

Bringing STEM Home

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, or, as the acronym goes, STEM – influence the world around us and these topics are increasingly being integrated into schools’ curricula. However, you, too, can do a variety of STEM activities at home. Here are some fun activities to get you started – no matter your age!

Rube Goldberg Machines – Invent your own contraptions


Rube Goldberg Machines are silly, complicated, and wacky inventions that perform a simple task like flipping a switch or pouring a bowl of cereal. Here are some fun activities to get you started – no matter your age!

Great Remote Learning Resources for Parents from Dr. Alan Singer (Hofstra University).

Lesson 1 for Parents Trying to Fill the Days – March 29, 2020