Labdisc Winter Activities

Post in ebooks by OnlinePD on 3rd January 2018

Wouldn’t it be fun to predict when a snow storm would begin, or if it’s really quieter outside when it snows?

With winter comes freshly fallen snow, hot chocolate, and holiday cheer. To help carry over the winter-season excitement into your science classroom, we have outlined three snow-driven experiments to keep your students engaged and excited to learn. Labdisc (the all-in-one portable data logger) will give your students the tools needed to analyze the world around them, even on a snow day.

  1. Predicting the Arrival of a Snow Storm (Grades 3-12)
  2. Exploring the Effects of Salt on Ice (Grades 2- 12)
  3. Is It Really Quieter Outside When It Snows? Testing the Sound Absorption of Snow (Grades 6-12)

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