SMART Notebook 15 is Here!

Lesson Plans on April 23 2015

Here at Teq, we are excited to see that our SMART friends continue to enhance the Notebook Interactive Learning Software with the release of the most recent version, SMART Notebook 15.

Notebook 15 is full of really great updates that increase functionality and interactivity for the classroom. Teachers can create engaging lesson content with the three new features described below. Check them out!

Lesson Activity Builder (LAB)

LAB allows the teacher to add interactive activities like flash cards and sorting activities to review lesson content. Don’t forget about the use of fun game components like the buzzer, timer, or dice directly within LAB to get students excited for a new type of lesson review.

Add an Activity

Built-in Math Tools

SMART Notebook 15 is bound to make math instruction easier and increasingly fluid with built-in features to create irregular polygons and divide shapes into equal parts. You can also choose to have shapes labeled with side lengths and angle measurements to increase visualization of geometric concepts.

Built-in Math Tools

Concept Mapping

Whether planning for a writing assignment, or doing a compare and contrast activity, the ability to create concept maps within SMART Notebook is an excellent addition.  Have students come up to the SMART Board and collaborate by adding in ideas that will automatically be linked to a desired concept. So cool!

Thesis Statement

Download the new version of SMART Notebook software here, and join us for a free webinar on Friday, April 24th at 3:00 PM featuring “What’s New in Notebook 15.”  To register for this event, visit  We hope to see you there!