Notebook 15.1 Coming in August, and with it Comes the Retirement of XC Collaboration

Nina Sclafani
Senior Event Coordinator
News on June 08 2015

On August 6th, SMART will be upgrading their SMART Notebook software to Notebook 15.1. With this upgrade, the popular add-on XC Collaboration will no longer be available, however its functionality will be available in the form of a new activity called “Shout it Out!”

Shout it Out! will be a part of the Lesson Activity Builder in the SMART Notebook software, and will offer similar functions to XC Collaboration. Shout it Out! will offer teachers

  • the capability to contribute words and pictures to a lesson dynamically from their devices
  • an attribution option so teachers can gain a clearer understanding of student contribution

On November 1st, XC Collaboration will be retired and will no longer work, regardless of whether of not you have an active Notebook Advantage subscription. If you do not have a current Notebook Advantage subscription, feel free to reach out to us! Email us at to learn more, or call us at 877.455.9369.