Focusing Student Attention using SMART ink

Marketing Team
Video Resources on September 30 2016


SMART Learning Suite 16.1 has multiple features embedded inside of the SMART ink icon that allows the teacher or student to easily focus attention to specific parts being displayed on their SMART Board or Interactive flat panel.

This feature gives you the ability to “Spotlight” key elements of SMART Notebook files, text in articles and more. This can limit the distractions on the SMART Board or IFP and focus student attention to exactly what the teacher would like.

Ever want to zoom in on text easily? The “Magnifier” allows you to do exactly that. With a simple press of a button you can zoom in on information and make it bigger for the entire class. This can be especially useful when having students navigate to an URL, simply magnifying the URl will allow the whole class to see it!

Magic Pen
There are a few ways to activate the previously features. One of the coolest and simplest way is to us the Magic Pen to draw a circle to create a “Spotlight” or a rectangle to create automatically engage the “Magnifier”

In the video below, our Director of eLearning Joseph Sanfilippo will review how to use these SMART ink Tools to focus student attention in the classroom.