SMART Board vs. Newline TruTouch

Marketing Team
Video Resources on April 20 2018

The battle of the interactive display panels continues in our next comparison video. Today the team compares the SMART Board 6065 with the Newline TruTouch UB series display… and makes the most of the time they saved thanks to the user-friendly SMART Board.



The first thing we look at when we compare panels is their startup time. This basic function can have a big impact in the classroom. Because of the delay in the Newline TruTouch startup time, the lesson that was running on the SMART Board was already a minute in by the time the TruTouch was ready to go. We play our videos side-by-side so you can see the difference in real time.

Next, we looked at basic annotation (AKA writing in digital ink). Here SMART proved to be smarter than the Newline TruTouch, since any kind of annotation was immediately recognized on the SMART Board. Multiple users had no issues working at the same time and differentiating their work by changing ink colors. In contrast, to start annotating on the Newline TruTouch, our team had to enable an overlay before they could get going (see 1:01-1:09). They also found that writing in different colors wasn’t supported (green highlighter problems at 1:53).

How did the functionality compare when we worked in SMART Notebook on both boards? On the SMART Board, there was no question about support for multiple users (1:19 and onward) – as you can see, our team was able to switch between tools and colors as needed to get their work done. When trying out SMART Notebook on the Newline TruTouch, switching between tools required use of the toolbar, and only one tool worked at a time. This means when Emily needed to erase, Kerriann’s tool also became the eraser. Additionally, when they tried to write at the same time, there was a lag that made the pens skip. Our team was frustrated by the lack of support for two users, and eventually wound up taking turns (starting at 3:06) rather than try to work at the same time.

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ICYMI: As mentioned before, Teq is a proud retailer of SMART Boards. When it comes to interactive displays, we haven’t been able to find a product that can compete with SMART.

If you’d like to try these displays, you can schedule a time to visit our showroom or schedule a demo with the Teq Squad.