SMART Board vs Clear Touch Interactive Flat Panel Side-by-Side Comparison

Marketing Team
Video Resources on March 12 2018

Last month we posted a video about how the SMART Board compares with the new Promethean ActivPanel on the most basic features – starting up and writing with digital ink. The results were pretty clear. Again, full disclosure, Teq is proud to be a SMART-only company when it comes to the interactive display technology we sell. Our PD team would be quick to point out that we can provide professional development on any interactive display you may have.

Our last comparison video got such a positive response that we decided to do another – this time with a ClearTouch 5075 interactive display. Here’s the comparison video:


Not surprisingly, the experience isn’t that much better on the Clear Touch than it was with the Promethean. Considering how much these manufacturers tout the many points of touch they have, you can clearly see how difficult it is to have even two people interacting with these displays at the same time. Neither compares to how easy it is to use a SMART Board. Evaluating how much time will be spent whiteboarding or annotating over applications (like a web browser) over anything else you can do with these displays, why would you chose anything besides a SMART Board?

If you’d like to try these displays, you can schedule a time to visit our showroom or schedule a demo with the Teq Squad.