Sight and Sound

Enrich student experiences and cultivate collaborative learning with the latest interactive displays and classroom audio systems.

SMART Boards

Gives your students the best in collaboration technology with Ultra 4K HD Resolution and the SMART Learning Suite.

Lu Interactive Playground

The gym for the schools of the 21st century.

Interactive learning through play and movement

SMART kapp whiteboards

With SMART kapp seeing is believing. Now anyone can see the whiteboard from anywhere.

audio enhancement

Increase student engagement, improve teacher effectiveness, and maximize academic success with Audio Enhancement.

SAFE System

Schools should be a safe place, where teachers help students realize their full potential without the fear of danger and violence. The SAFE incident management system helps schools achieve this goal.

Wall Mounts and Mobile Stands

Teq offers a variety of options and add-ons for all its models and products. From mobile stands to wall mounts, Teq’s primary focus is to ensure you and your students experience a seamless product interaction.

Tech Tub 2

With over  51%  of districts deploying Chromebooks for 1-to-1 initiatives, using a single laptop cart is no longer the most efficient storage and deployment solution within the classroom.

Evolve your classroom to support 21st century learning