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Active Floor is an interactive solution designed to bring movement and play into learning

Research shows that physical activity and movement stimulates the neurons that store information, supporting the idea that movement supports memory and growth. Incorporating movement into a lesson helps memory, collaboration, focus, motor development, and social skills while creating an exciting and different classroom environment.

Make learning fun, inclusive and motivating

Active Floor consists of a ceiling-mounted box with a projector, a movement tracker, and a white vinyl floor that fits in classrooms large and small, libraries, daycare, gymnasiums, and more. Utilizing an interactive space provides students a break from long days and screen time, creating a collaborative social learning environment while releasing built up energy from long, stagnant days.

Create your own educational content

With dozens of subjects, themes, and age levels to choose from, the Active Floor software comes with a library of pre-existing learning games, as well as templates for customizable activities. Easily add text, pictures, sounds, and videos to tailor the game to your lessons.

Keep it moving

The world of Active Floor combines play and movement with learning through various activities, while promoting a collaborative environment in a classroom, auditorium, gym, or any shared area. Foster social learning, unlock students’ full learning potential, and deepen the pedagogical experience.

Share and inspire

Share games and ideas in Active Floor’s online community. Create teaching material that inspires and be inspired.

Make homework fun

Active Floor’s online platform allows students to develop games from home to play in class to influence their own learning.

Get going with Active Floor

Active Floor Pro

For medium to large size floors
Ideal for standard rooms such as school classrooms and libraries

Active Floor Max

Rooms that need a higher light intensity

Ideal for larger or brighter rooms such as gymnasiums or auditoriums

Active Floor Mobile

For medium to large size floors

Fully mobile solution

Evolve your classroom to support 21st century learning