SMART Board 6000 Series

The most popular SMART Board in the world just got even better.

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The SMART 6000 Series now includes exclusive iQ technology—unifying classroom devices with your display and software—creating a hub for classroom collaboration.

Seamlessly connect your lesson content, interactive display, student devices, and pedagogy in a few simple steps.

iQ technology

Seamlessly connect your lesson content, interactive display, student devices, and pedagogy in a few simple steps. All SMART boards equipped with iQ Technology still has the ability to be used as a stand alone device with whiteboard technology, with no need for any additional PC or devices connections.

Technology hub for classrooms

Connecting SMART Boards, learning software, lesson content and student devices into one unified experience.

Switch to whiteboard mode and start writing. You can save your notes to any mobile device with a tap, and send them back to your SMART Board to pick up where you left off.

Notebook Player makes lesson planning easy. Get your lesson ready on your school or home computer. Send it to any SMART Board. Pick it up and start teaching without plugging in your laptop.

Crank up student collaboration inside your classroom and beyond with SMART amp workspaces. Connecting to workspaces lets students work together anywhere on any device.

SMART lab game-based activities make class time so much fun your students won’t know they’re learning. Games are a fun way to practice new skills and check student understanding.

Stopping a lesson to plug in a laptop distracts students. Now teachers can switch to the web browser with a tap and surf right at the board.

SMART Boards are compatible with all sorts of Android, Apple and Microsoft devices. You can share any wireless device to the SMART Board without any apps or extra computers.

Simple and Intuitive Tools 

Object Awareness

Pen ID

Responsive SMART ink™

Silk Touch Technology

4K Ultra HD

UL and ATL tested

Other Key Features:
  1. ToolSense™ technology is exclusive to the 6000S series, ToolSense technology is able to recognize a virtually unlimited number of education-specific SMART pens and tools, such as erasers, rulers, protractors, stamps, and more.
  2. ToolSense allows for education-specific tools to be integrated into a diverse range of subjects and curriculum and can be adopted for a variety of teaching needs and learning styles.
  3. OPS slot is now available to accommodate new SMART OPS PC modules for anyone looking for a fully integrated Windows 10 Pro experience when using the panel.
  4. HyPr Touch™ with InGlass replaces current DViT touch technology on the display, improving the accuracy, performance, and responsiveness when using annotation or other interactive tools on the display.
  5. Advanced environmental sensors such as temperature, humidity, and infrared sensors included to help optimize learning comfort and boost learning retention while reducing utility costs.
  6. Includes a subscription to SMART Assure Warranty which is a new full coverage warranty, now including onsite support for RMAs, advanced hardware replacement, and two-way shipping costs.

Complete classroom collaboration. Establish the most ideal environment to engage your students and get the most out of your SMART Board investment by bundling your SMART Board with an integrated Sight and Sound classroom solution.

All SMART Boards come with a 1-year subscription to SMART Learning Suite’s interactive lessons, game-based activities, formative assessment, online co-creation and more (SMART Notebook, SMART lab, SMART amp, and SMART response)

Display size options include 65″ and 75″

Backed by best in class service and support.

When the technology you use every day goes down, helping you becomes our priority. Teq offers a wide array of support, installation and maintenance options.

Evolve your classroom to support 21st century learning

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