SMART kapp

Have students focus on class discussion, rather than taking notes, with the SMART kapp.

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SMART kapp is the share-as-you-go whiteboard. Write on the kapp with a dry-erase marker, and digitally share your work with others in real time. Save SMART kapp notes on your tablet or PC, and with a tap, erase and repeat.

Get started right away

Installation is easy with no IT integration required and support for Apple iOS and Google Android

Easy to use

Connect your mobile device

Write with a regular dry-erase marker

Save content as a PDF or JPEG

Share content remotely, in real-time

Expanded live sharing

Share content in real-time with up to 250 students simultaneously, allowing everyone to see what’s on the board as it unfolds.

Secured live sharing

Control the privacy of your sessions with a PIN code.

Static session link

Get started right away by sharing a reusable link, so everyone is logged in and ready to go when it’s time to learn. Reuse the same link for every class, students also have the ability to bookmark the link to easily log in for later use.

Watermark-free snapshots

Export your snapshots as watermark-free PDFs and JPEGs.

All SMART kapp work can be uploaded to SMART Notebook!

Evolve your classroom to support 21st century learning