Teq 2018 Roadmap


Revolutionizing the way your students learn by creating solutions with real-world applications.

Allow students to learn STEM content while working with tools that help foster collaboration, problem solving and project management.

Empower more students in your school to learn real-world problem solving for tomorrow’s jobs.

Combine the elements of augmented and virtual reality to create life like experiences on the computer that are immersive and interactive.

Revolutionizing the classroom lab in terms of convenience, cost and portability: Saving up to 90 minutes on lab setup time.

No matter a teacher’s vision or a student’s skill level, SparkFun kits are afun and creative way to help students achieve electronics literacy.

An award winning ecosystem designed to make experimenting, coding and building electronics, simple, affordable and fun.

Introduce students to coding, programming, and electrical prototyping with creative and fun DIY solutions.

Discover the new classroom for the 21st Century.

Teq offers full technology based learning concepts for every level of k12 education. Select your school level below and discover the new modern classroom.