3D printing fosters innovation, sparks creativity, and inspires collaboration.

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Take your students beyond the books
with our ready-to-go combination of easy-to-use, reliable 3D printer solutions.

Decrease wait times and large printing queques by incorporating a 3D Printing Station/Lab at your school. By reducing wait time in lesson curriculum, you’ll be able to keep your students engaged all while introducing them to digital manufacturing and processes – which are becoming increasingly important to businesses across the world.

Out-of-the-box setup, installation, professional development, and curriculum and get you printing in no time!

Discover a full set of connected solutions for easy setup and use, reliable, faster 3D printing, and teaching with a 3D printer.

Streamline an entire lesson plan over the span of just a few 3D Printers.

Teachers can move through their curriculum at a faster pace, and allow for more experimentation and creativity.

Empower more students in your school to learn real-world problem solving for tomorrow’s jobs and develop the perfect STEM Environment at your school.

A well planned 3D printing station/lab will allow for students to print simultaneously, allow them to quickly build, test, learn, and design.

As 3D printing technology is becoming a more integral part of the modern age, we carefully prepared the best the industry has too offer in terms of price, reliabililty, quality, and of course professional development. Check out our 3D Printer Solutions below.

Engineered for efficiency, reliability, and precision, Ultimaker is the most industrial-grade desktop 3D printer on the market. Enjoy a seamlessly integrated 3D printing experience, where hardware, software, and materials work in perfect harmony.

Empowering Today’s Students to Become the Innovators of Tomorrow. MakerBot offers a full set of solutions and services that enable students to tackle real-world problems — at any grade level.

Evolve your classroom to support 21st century learning