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STEAM-Powered Storytelling For Every Classroom

Bloxels is the most intuitive platform for creating games and interactive stories — in any classroom. The app is easy to use for novices but can be taken to great heights by expert students.

With Bloxels, educators can integrate an easy-to-use STEAM platform into their traditional curriculum – history, geography, math, science, and language arts – through the power of interactive storytelling. Bloxels Curriculum and activities for K-12 in diverse subjects is accessed through the Bloxels Hub.

Get to Know the Gameboard and Blocks

The Bloxels Gameboard and Blocks allow students to physically build both the layouts,
as well as all the art for their games. The layouts and art can then be captured in the Bloxels App.

Using the gameboard and blocks, you can build the levels,
heroes, and art to make your story come to life.

Green blocks are terrain. These are blocks that you can walk on. You can decorate them to look like whatever you like.

Red blocks are Hazards. These blocks damage the player and enemies when touched. They can be lava… or anything else you imagine.

Yellow blocks are Collectible. These blocks can be collected by the player. They can be used to show hints for secret paths, reward difficult maneuvers, or even make collecting them part of the story.

Blue blocks are water. These blocks allow the player to “float” and swim by jumping through it. In gameplay they have a special effect, but can be decorated with your art to look like anything- a foggy mist, or a cloud, or even a ladder.

Purple blocks are enemies. These baddies can be configured in a variety of ways.

Orange blocks are actions. These blocks don’t like to sit still. They can be picked up by the player, moved around, and thrown at enemies to defeat them. They are a great building block for puzzles.

White blocks are story blocks. These are used to put narrative, checkpoints, and end flags into the game.

Pink blocks are power-ups. These grant the player special powers when picked up. The ability to fly, or to change into a different character, are all part of a good game and a fun story.

Tangible Building with the Blocks and Gameboard

The Gameboard and Blocks allow students to physically build their layouts and art. Colors have different behaviors, including white “story blocks” from written narrative. These can then be captured in the App.

Students Bring their Creations to Life in the App

With the Bloxels app, students can instantly turn their physical creations into a digital game. In the app, students write their stories, customize their artwork, and configure the way their game works.

Monitor and Share it all through The Hub

The Bloxels Hub is the essential tool educators need to get started and track progress with Bloxels in their classroom. Educators have access curriculum and additional resources, manage their students, reward and send feedback towards their work, and enable them to collaborate and share their projects with their class or with the world.

Get Started: Build Interactive Stories

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