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Whether you’re far along in the process of building a comprehensive STEM program, or just starting out, we can help. Just about every school and district is unique, because almost everyone is in a different place.

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The focus on STEM education has never been greater than it is today. The cross-disciplinary approach to teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics in schools has received national attention. Many states have even added a STEM Diploma among the pathways that a student can pursue to graduate from High School. Per data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, career prospects for students in STEM fields will far surpass those in other disciplines.

As an educational technology company, Teq has a rich history in STEAM, starting long before the acronym was coined. It was STEM that inspired us to be the company we are today, assisting and supporting schools with the latest innovations in vocational technology. Teq’s commitment to STEM is evident through the team of 15 state-certified educators who directly support STEM initiatives.

Whether your school or district is far along in the process of building a STEM program, or just starting out, Teq can help. Our expertise is solely not limited to the products we sell, we activitely do our research on all of the latest education technology available to educators.

We are keenly aware that each school and district’s STEM landscape is unique, and therefore we start every conversation with a discussion of your current goals and expectations.

While some schools will already have very clear goals for the STEM programs in place – built around long-term plans focused on student outcomes, others are still exploring options and may need guidance with designing a program that will provide their students with sequences in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math that build upon each other. No matter the circumstance, when a school or district comes to us for ideas on how to enhance a STEM program, incorporate a new product, or and need to see a full K to 12 vision, Teq has the resources, knowledge, and capability to support that effort.

Should you need support in finding innovative STEM products, assistance with curriculum design and creation, a collaborative partner in professional development, or simply have a question about STEM, we hope you will look to Teq to fulfill that need.

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