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Kano is a DIY kit that allows students and educators to build and code a computer through simple steps, stories, creativity, and rewards – all in one box.
By following simple instructions, students will build a computer themselves using Raspberry Pi, learn how it works, and then use block-based coding to complete stories and challenges that incorporate into educational lessons.
Create technology
Computers, sensors, and code enable curious minds to create and shape the world with real learning outcomes through playful challenges. After coding with Blockly, students can also view their code in Javascript and compare.

Follow the book, build it yourself, learn how it works

Learn to code – challenges and stories show you how

Make your own art, games, music, and more

Everything you and your students need to understand technology and create with code

The complete package to equip you and your students to understand technology and create with code.

Hours of engaging coding content – code art, games, and music, write docs, browse the web, and more.

Access your favorite classroom apps available on the Raspberry Pi, including Chromium, Scratch, Google Docs, YouTube, and more.

Cross-curricular lessons with connections to NGSS, CSTA, Common Core, K12 Computer Science standards.

Computer Kit Touch

Learn how to code on a tablet you build yourself! Learn how it works, and make art, music, games, and more.

Computer Kit

Build your own computer, then learn to code art, music, and games, and learn how they work.

Pixel Kit

Build and code dazzling lights. Learn about power, RGB, LEDs, and more. Build games, animation, and art.

Motion Sensor Kit

Build the motion sensor page-by-page, all by yourself, and learn how it works.

Evolve your classroom to support 21st century learning