Revolutionize the way students learn with this portable and cost-effective science lab.

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Labdisc is an all-in-one, data logging device that places an advanced science lab into the hands of young scientists.

The only K-12 science solution with more than 10 wireless sensors built into a single compact device, available for general science, physics, biochemistry, and environmental science.

Zero setup time with wireless/ Bluetooth connection

The Labdisc’s internal microprocessor automatically calibrates the built-in sensors, freeing educators to focus on science concepts rather than equipment. Enable portable data collection through a Bluetooth connection and GlobiLab, Labdisc’s included software and enjoy a cable-free, clean and safe working environment anytime, anywhere.

Clear the clutter with a single device, Internal sensors include:

Labdisc GenSci
Air Pressure, Current, GPS, Light, Microphone, Motion, pH, Relative Humidity, Temperature, Universal Input, Voltage.

Labdisc BioChem
IR Pressure, Ambient Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Colorimeter, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen (electrode sold separately), GPS, Heart Rate, Light, pH, Relative Humidity, Thermocouple, Turbidity, Universal Input.

Labdisc Physio
Accelerometer, Air Pressure, Ambient Temperature, Current, Ext. Temperature, Light, Low Voltage, Microphone, Motion, Universal Input, Voltage.

Labdisc Enviro
Barometer, Sound Level, Colorimeter, Dissolved Oxygen (electrode sold separately), GPS, IR Temperature, pH, Relative Humidity, Temperature, Turbidity, Universal Input.

Seamlessly Integrates with Classroom Devices

Students can analyze their findings with a variety of data displays and graph manipulations on interactive displays, laptops, Chromebooks, or iPads.

Provides a cost effective science lab that allows students to explore outside of the classroom.

Experience the entire all-in-one modular science lab with the Labdisc Mobile Science Cart.

  1. Storage and charging docks for 16 Labdisc units
  2. Special storage compartments for electrodes and accessories
  3. Lockable doors and steel design for safe storage

Evolve your classroom to support 21st century learning