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littleBits creates easy-to-use electronic building blocks that snap together to engineer and invent creations that embody real-world solutions.
Infinitely Creative

Foolproof inventing

Each Bit has a specific function. Invent anything from an alarm, to a wireless robot, to a digital instrument. They snap together with magnets so you can’t make a mistake! Bits are grouped into different color-coded categories.

Empowering everyone

littleBits opens the door for students and teachers of all levels to a more accessible way to invent and engineer at their own speed. littleBits Kits make teaching fun AND effective with step-by-step invention guides, easy-to-teach lessons, and curriculum linked to standards. From STEAM sets to Coding kits, each is packed with resources that make 21st century education fun and easy to teach. Students can build from the instructions or create something from their imagination, enabling the ‘A’ in STEAM and kickstarting student creativity.

You can build it from the instructions or make something from your imagination.

Playing with what you’ve created is fun, but also an important part of inventing. Playing is like a test run. It’s a chance to see how well your invention works and look for ways you can make it better.

Show the world (or class) what
you’ve created, or use the littleBits Invent app or at

Keep experimenting! Add new Bits, swap parts with other inventions, or take all the pieces apart and put them together in a different way.

littleBits STEAM Student Set/Education Class Packs

For 3, 18, 24, or 30 students – Engages students in hands-on inventing to teach engineering and design

littleBits Code Kit/Education Class Packs

For 3, 18, 24, or 30 students – Teaches coding principles as students build & program games (Requires littleBits Code Kit app)

littleBits Workshop Set

For 8 groups of 2 students, or 16 individual inventors (Great for collaboration!) – Create workshops in your makerspace, library, or after-school program

littleBits Pro Library

Create big inventions in a group setting, large or small – Teaches the fundamentals of hands-on coding, STEAM, music, and logic

littleBits Wall Storage

Wall storage for the Pro Library and other kits

littleBits Gizmos & Gadgets Kit – 2nd Edition

Students create and control app-enabled games, pranks, and crazy contraptions – Can be used with the littleBits Invent App

littleBits Rule Your Room Kit

Great for younger students – Students create touch-activated inventions to control any old object gaining STEAM skills for the future

littleBits Synth Kit

Great for musicians of all ages – Students can build instruments and music using their Bits and accessories

littleBits Purple Tacklebox

Perfect for stowing away Bits or taking them on the go

littleBits Brick Adapter

Enables Bits to easily snap onto LEGO® bricks

Create a little more

Code Kit App (Mac, Windows, Chromebook)

The Code Kit App, which is required for the littleBits Code Kit, is your go-to resource for programming littleBits inventions in an educational setting. Packed with lessons, instructions, tutorials, and more, the Code Kit App makes it easy for code pros and first timers alike to get kids creating and coding their own games and inventions. Teaches students coding concepts through block-based programming with a drag-and-drop system based on Google’s Blockly, with functions, variables, logic and loops – which are applicable to all programming languages – not to mention critical thinking and iterative inventing.

Invent App (iOs and Android)

The littleBits Invent app is the personal guide to unleashing creativity. Required for the Gizmos & Gadgets Kit, 2nd Edition, students can discover thousands of inventions, take challenges, control inventions wirelessly, connect with the global littleBits community, access step-by-step tutorials and easily share their own creations. Can also be used as Bit inventory and global community for any kit.

Evolve your classroom to support 21st century learning