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MERGE is empowering active learning by providing schools with AR and VR tools that are affordable, durable, and easy to use.
One can use the MERGE Cube alone or with a MERGE Headset along with MERGE compatible apps to integrate with curriculum. Watch 360° videos, explore the world, and experience STEM learning with MERGE.


With MERGE CUBE, one can hold objects in their hand! Use a digital device in front of the durable cube to bring lesson plans and custom 3D designs to life. *Compatible with Smartphones (Android & iOS), iPad (iOS 11 or higher), Surface Go (Windows 10), and Chromebooks (Rear-facing camera devices only).


Insert a smartphone in the headset to emerge in a hands-free experience! With a durable construction, comfortable fit, and adjustable design, this headset is ready to use in a classroom, lab, library, or makerspace. Compatible with Smartphones (Android & iOS)

MERGE EXPLORER is an app filled with categorized and interactive activities that integrate with curriculum standards and Next Generation Science Standards. Students can learn and discover Life Sciences, Mathematics, and more, with simple instructions and facts.

MERGE Miniverse is a website that displays an app portal where one can explore through hundreds of educational apps, such as Mr. Body, Galactic Explorer, and Object Viewer. All apps are reviewed and approved to meet curriculum standards.

Evolve your classroom to support 21st century learning