STEM Initiatives


Teq’s STEM initiatives are curriculum consulting and onsite and online professional development services designed to assist schools in the creation, nurturing, and expansion of K12 STEM programs.

Whether you are far along in the process of building a comprehensive STEM program, or just starting out, Teq can help. With Teq Online PD, you receive access to wide range of STEM courses for all educational roles.

STEM Initiatives

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Below you will find a few complimentary sample courses we have created for all educational roles. Whether you’re far along in the process of building a comprehensive STEM program, or just starting out, we can help. Just about every school and district is unique, because almost everyone is in a different place. For a full list of STEM Courses Visit: or to gain full access to our course library and learn more about the platform contact us for more information.

Ultimaker: Optimizing Your 3D Print

The Cura 2.4 Software by Ultimaker has over 200 settings to adjust your 3D print to fit your needs. Join us as we show you where to download the software and some specific details of how to optimize your 3D print like print setup, materials, and scaling.

Labdisc: Heart Rate

In this course we’ll look at just one of the many applications of a Labdisc in the Biology classroom. You will need a BioChem Labdisc to perform this activity. Our Curriculum Specialists will show you how to conduct an experiment to measure heart rate using the heart rate sensor provided with your Labdisc. They will then show you how to analyze and manipulate the data within the Labdisc software.

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Andrew Grefig

Director of Curriculum and Content

Andrew started his career by biological field tests as a forensic chemist, before becoming a high school chemistry teacher. He is a veteran employee at Teq, with over 7 years experience as a STEM Curriculum and Professional Development Specialist.