New Features in Teq Online PD

Joseph Sanfilippo
Director of eLearning
Technology on June 10 2014

You have 1 new notification (we “recommend” that you read it)!

In the latest update to Teq Online PD, administrators now have the option to recommend courses to members of their group. This much-requested feature is ideal for schools looking to get teachers started with courses focused on a particular technology tool or curricular area. Recommending courses also helps to strengthen the results of our on-site professional development courses, by providing teachers with specific prerequisite courses or options to extend and differentiate learning.

Recommendations in Teq Online PD

Check out the video below to see how easy it is for administrators to recommend courses to your teachers:

Teq Online PD notification iconTo complement the recommend feature, registered users will now notice a notifications icon next to their name in the upper-right section of any Teq Online PD page. All recommended courses will appear on the notifications screen, along with a quick link to register.

We hope that this new tandem of features will help enhance the user experience and provide a more efficient way to identify the content that best meets the needs of your institution. With over 60 unique courses available now and new content being developed by our team, Teq Online PD offers an extensive menu of options to help you get the most out of the instructional technology tools in your school.

Teq Online PD notification page

More enhancements to the Teq Online PD user interface are coming soon! In the meantime, we would love to hear from our subscribers to see what features you would like to see from Teq Online PD. Comment below or send an email to