Power Saving with Your SMART Board 6065

Nina Sclafani
Senior Event Coordinator
Tech Support on October 17 2014

“Sleep mode” refers to the low power mode for electrical devices like TVs and computers. With a SMART Board 6065, you can enable sleep mode so you’re not wasting electricity when the SMART Board is not in use. The SMART Technologies Sleep Mode is accomplished in two ways:

  1. Pressing the crescent moon labeled sleep button on the front, bottom left of the display
  2. Turn on Power Save mode (Default is Off).
    1. On the left hand edge of the 6065 there are some grey buttons. The top button is labeled “Menu.” Press the “Menu” button
    2. Use up/down buttons to highlight “Setup”
    3. Press the “Set” button. (center button)
    4. Top option should be labeled “Power Save Mode.” Use left and right buttons to change setting to “On.”
    5. Press the “Set” button.
    6. Wait for menu screen to disappear.

NOTE: The SMART Board 6065 sleep mode will NOT be activated until the attached PC is powered off or has gone to sleep. (Click here and type “power management” into the search for Window’s power configuration settings and instructions)