ProScope Micro Mobile in the Science Classroom

Science on April 18 2014

Science involves the use of a lot of technology. Much of what we know about the world today would still be a mystery if not for a few simple inventions, like the microscope. One of the most famous pioneers in microscopy is Anton Van Leewenhoek, who was developing lenses capable of observing single celled organisms in the 1600s.

Flash forward to today, and microscopes have come a long way. Here at Teq, we got our hands on a few ProScope Micro Mobile devices from Bodelin, and put them to work. These devices fit right over the camera of a tablet or phone, and are great for getting students to think of science as more than something done in a classroom.  These mobile microscopes provide the fantastic ability to capture both stills and video. No additional app is necessary!

To help demonstrate the capabilities of these tools, we’ve created a beginner’s level CSI-type lesson, geared towards fifth through eighth grades. Have your students take on the role of an amateur forensic scientist in “The Case of the Stray Hair.”

Below are examples of photos and a video captured using ProScope.

Snowflake Melting from Teq on Vimeo.