SMART Blocks: Add-on for SMART Notebook 14.2

SMART Notebook on September 12 2014

SMART Blocks in SMART Notebook 14.2They’re blocks. They’re smart. They are SMART Blocks. SMART Notebook 14.2 has now been released. We are happy to have this updated version of SMART Notebook 2014 because it brings several updates to features of the software. Check out this post to get a quick peek.

I am most excited for a new add-on called SMART Blocks. With SMART Blocks we have yet another great tool for educators to get students interacting with, discussing and thinking about math operations. If you teach Kindergarten through High School math, you can find a use for these SMART Blocks. One of the best features is that you use a pen to input numbers. No need to recognize ink as text or use a special ink-to-text pen with these blocks!

The SMART Blocks are great because they force my students to interact with content at the board. They give immediate feedback like a calculator, but again we are interacting with the numbers in a interesting and different way. Using the blocks with numbers is a pleasing visual experience and that is going keep the attention of my students for a long period of time. These blocks also facilitate discussion around operations in mathematics and they become a valuable reinforcement tool when I use them in conjunction with the Common Core Mathematics Curriculum.

Here is a sample of one our most recent FAQ videos which walks through the SMART Blocks.

To start using SMART Blocks and SMART Notebook 14.2, go ahead and download the software from SMART’s download page.

Let us know what you think of the SMART Blocks.