SMART Notebook Maestro Improves SMART Notebook for the iPad

Nina Sclafani
Senior Event Coordinator
SMART Notebook on October 16 2014

Ask and you shall receive. In response to strong customer demand, SMART Technologies recently announced a major improvement to the SMART Notebook experience for educators using both SMART Boards and iPads in the classroom.

What is SMART Notebook Maestro?

The new SMART Notebook Maestro add-on interacts with SMART Notebook’s iPad app, and gives teachers the ability to remotely control and interact with their SMART Notebook software on their SMART Board using their iPad.

SMART Notebook Maestro

According to SMART’s press release, Maestro will be able to change and manipulate objects and pages in your SMART Notebook file, without disrupting the flow of the lesson. Available for download on October 31st, Maestro will only be available for customers with both an active SMART Notebook Advantage subscription and SMART Notebook 14.2 or higher.

Where can I learn more about SMART Notebook Maestro?

Click here for more information about SMART Notebook and SMART Notebook Advantage, and get set up with SMART Notebook Maestro today!